Gbenga Ajiboye, a resident of Johnstown Colorado, is proof that America is still that beacon of light, a “shining city on a hill.”   He came to the United States from Nigeria.

Having earned an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from Lagos State University.  He pulled himself up by his bootstraps, working many different jobs to support himself in earning two more post-graduate degrees from Prairie View A&M University, Texas and The University of Iowa, Iowa City.

He then started a career in the oil and gas industry, he also worked as an investigator with the federal government. He is passionate about safety and responsibility.  He was an investigator of the house explosion in Firestone, and he understands the many issues concerning oil and gas drilling technology.

With great love and appreciation for his citizenship, new country, and Colorado, Ajiboye wants to give back with service to his state.  He is running to bring your concerns to the state senate, seeking solutions for problems, and supporting everyone’s quality of life.

His campaign is centered around reaching across party lines and having an honest dialogue with the people of Colorado.  He wants to bring the real issues and concerns of voters to the Colorado Legislature.  He wants to see better management of oil and gas to stop health dangers and possible physical harm.

Issues of safety are big concerns.  He has small children and like all parents, he wants to be sure they are safe at school from environmental concerns, and from violence, and he really wants to see schools fully funded and teachers supported.  He understands that without an education he would not have the life he has here in Colorado.

Ajiboye wants to see that the economy remains strong, supporting a business environment that will continue to create jobs, all the while managing growth and protecting resources for our future.

Living in Weld County, Ajiboye knows the importance of agriculture to this area, Weld is the richest agricultural county in the United States east of the Rocky Mountains, and that has been the economic backbone for this area since its beginning.  So that brings the issue of water; how do we share this resource fairly with everyone getting what they need, and at an affordable price? Ajiboye wants to work with community leaders, rural area farmers and developers to create a plan for utilizing this important and dwindling resource, and bring that plan to the state senate.

Getting what you need at an affordable price also is an issue for healthcare.  Ajiboye wants to find a workable and affordable solution to sustainable healthcare.  Nobody should have to go bankrupt and lose everything because they or a loved one gets sick.

By working together Ajiboye believes we can find agreeable solutions to these many issues and more facing our state.  By talking to each other and not at each other we can have a better state and country.

Gbenga Ajiboye is married to Kemi and they have three children (Amari, Amelia, and Alexander).