Colorado ranks 42nd in per pupil funding. We spend $8,019 per pupil less than our neighbor Wyoming, and Colorado is $2,685 below the national average. We are dead last for competitive teacher wage compensation, and also 50th for state higher-education funding. Forty-nine percent of school districts are on or have some schools in a 4-day school week.* However, Senate District 23 does better than most. We must do better. Together, we can find ways to loosen the grip of lawmakers who have made funding schools a disaster. We can claim the $5 billion short-change that was cut from our schools during the Great Recession, and be released from the most restrictive tax and expenditure limits in the country. The future of our children is at stake as well as the economy of Colorado. The future requires a well educated workforce, one not drowning in debt. We deserve competitive programs, facilities and safe environments for our children to learn in, and that is what we should expect from the 14th richest state. I will work very hard for your children and mine to make their future bright.


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